Adele Nose Job | Adele Weight Loss Before And After 2015

27-year old Adele has reportedly had a plastic surgery because she looks a little bit different recently. The leading speculations said that the phenomenon singer has had a nose job. However, the truth of these rumors are still debated by some celebrity watchers and plastic surgeons.

Has Adele Had Work Done?

Some people say that the shape of Adele’s nose now looks a little bit slimmer than she used to. It is believed by some people as the result of rhinoplasty. But, this allegation is denied by a plastic surgeon Dr. Gabriel Chiu. The surgon does not believe if she has been under knife for a nose job. He said that any change in Adele’s appearance might be caused by better styling or make up.

“I don’t believe that Adele has had a nose job. If you compare her nose in each photo to features that you cannot change — her pupils and stunning eyes — the ratio appears to be the same. The features of the nose are similar as well, If she had something done, it was too subtle. I doubt that she had her nose done … It doesn’t appear that the nuances (the bumps and curves) of her nose have changed. Usually when patients have a rhinoplasty procedure, they ask for more overall definition or multiple subtle changes rather than just one. I would give Adele benefit of the doubt that she did not undergo Rhinoplasty. So any changes in Adele’s appearance can be attributed to better styling, not great plastic surgery. I believe that she got a better makeup artist and stylist, There may have been a narrowing through her mid-vault, but the look can also be accomplished with makeup.”

On the contrary, a plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills, Renato Calabria noticed that the change looked so obvious and it seemed to be as the result of rhinoplasty. The surgeon revealed that judging by Adele before and after pictures above the cartilage of her nose looks like reshaped, so that the wide nose which she used to appear with has turned into slimmer with more pointed tip.

“That consists of reshaping the lower cartllages of the nose by reducing their width and repositioning them with carefully placed sutures to give more definition. This can all be done trough a tiny incision at the base of the nose in a minimally invasive fashion to limit swelling and bruising.”

Triple Board Certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Ramtin Kassir, also agrres that any changes on Adele’s nose is indeed as the result of nose job.

“It does indeed look as if Adele has had a rhinoplasty. The entire nose looks smaller, the tip is more sculpted and less droopy, and the overall form of the nose flows more smoothly.”

The rumors of Adele nose job might be true or on the contrary, but one thing that should be noted that rhinoplasty is not something new for celebrities and singers. Many of them are also reported having this plastic surgery procedure to enhance their nose’s shape. So, the speculations of Adele plastic surgery can be true or it can be just a rumor as well.

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Regardless of the disputes about Adele nose job rumors, the 27-year old singer has been named on the Time 100 Most Influential list. She was also reported having had tight diet to reduce her weight. Therefore, it is not wonder if her body shape now looks slimmer and much more proportional than before. Congratulates Adele!

What do you think of the speculations of Adele nose job? Do you believe she has been under knife for a rhinoplasty? You can decide by yourself by comparing before and after photos above!

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