Avril Lavigne Plastic surgery | Avril Lavigne Before And After Photos

Lately, there are a lot of people are talking about Avril Lavigne plastic surgery. This is caused by her appearance which was assumed having changed a lot. Some people see that she now looks much different than she used to. They notice that her nose and cup size appear more projected.

Did Avril Lavigne Really Get Plastic surgery?

That is what we are going to analyze together. Before judging whether the speculations of Avril Lavigne plastic surgery is true or not, let’s see first before and after photos below!

From the comparison between Avril Lavigne before and after? Can you see the difference? If you can, can you guess what procedures of plastic surgery which she might have had?

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Well, according to the rumors which were based on the result of pictures’ comparison between Avril Lavigne then and now, she reportedly had at least two surgical procedures done such as nose job and breast augmentation surgery. For more detail reviews, you can see the table below!

Plastic Surgery ProceduresThe Results
Nose JobAvril Lavigne’s nose now has changed from bulbous nose to the slimmer one. The nasal bridge seemed to be narrowed, so that the shape of her nose looks thinner than before.
Breast Augmentation (Boob Job)Avril Lavigne's breast size now looks bigger and rounder. The cup size looks much different than she used to

Acording to Dr. George Lefkovits, Avril Lavigne nose job was done nicely, so that it could make the shape of her nose look much more projected than before.

If we look carefully at the before and after pictures above, it is obviously seen that her nose has indeed changed as what has been revealed by Dr. Lefkovits. What about the speculations of boob job (breast augmentation or breast implants)? Did she really have been under knife for breast surgery?

In some pictures, Avril Lavigne’s boobs indeed look bigger, fuller and rounder than before. Some people even predict that her cup size has changed from A-cup to C-cup. With her new breast size, Avril now looks more mature, sexier and more beautiful.

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Avril Lavigne Biography

Born27 September 1984
Age31 years old
OccupationSinger-songwriter actress
Spouse(s)1. Deryck Whibley (marriage 2006–2010)

2. Chad Kroeger (marriage 2013; separated 2015)
Zodiac SignLibra
Official Websitewww.avrillavigne.com

In short, the rumors of Avril Lavigne plastic surgery are indeed still debatable by plastic surgeons and the fans. But, regardless of whether she has really been under knife or not, personally we admit that her appearance now look much more feminine and beautiful than before. Congratulation Avril!

What do you think about Avril’s transformation? Do you believe that she has had some procedures of plastic surgery done? I believe that you might have different reviews about her transformation, so feel free to leave your comments here!

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