Beyonce Plastic Surgery | Beyonce Before and After Teeth

The rumors of Beyonce plastic surgery has stolen many plastic surgeons’ attention in recent years. The 32 years old singer has been reported to have had some procedures of cosmetic surgery along her career to reach the stardom.

Beyonce Plastic Surgery Before and After

According to the rumors, she was reported having been under knife for breast augmentation in early 2002. Judging by before and after pictures, Beyonce’s breast size obviously looks different. She now appears with bigger and rounder cup size than she used to.

Nonetheless, the truth of Beyonce plastic surgery rumors are still debated among her fans. Some claimed that it was as the result of weight gain, but others think that they are more than just a weight gain since her breasts now look fake and unnaturally bigger.

Did Beyonce Have Plastic Surgery?

Before deciding and believing the rumors, you can see the following pictures comparison between Beyonce before plastic surgery with the recent photos.

Beyonce Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

According to Dr. Anthony as what he wrote on his blog, Beyonce’s breast looks like¬† as the result of breast augmentation surgery. With her new cup size, she looks great and does not look to go overboard with her breast surgery.

Beyonce Boob Job

On the contrary, Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer is a little bit in doubt if Beyonce had a boob job, he saw that the change of her breast size could be as the result of weight gain or push up bra. She does not appear to look like having breast augmentation surgery.

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Beside boob job, the singer who was born on September 4, 1981 was also reported to have had liposuction. This allegation was based on the photos where she had a vacation in the beach St Tropez, France. Did she really have lipoplasty? Noone can define the truth.

However, a lot of people see that her stomach in the picture looks very firm. They also see there is lumpiness on her stomach which is believed as the sign of liposuction. See the picture below!

Beyonce Plastic Surgery Liposuction

The other procedure of plastic surgery that she possibly had was a nose job. Many people see that Beyonce nose now looks better defined than before.

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Let’s take a look at the photo of Beyonce before nose job, her nose looks big and wide. But, if we see in the “after” photo, she now appears with slimmer nose. Did Beyonce get a nose job? You can decide by yourself by comparing the picture below.

Beyonce Nose Job Before and After

The transformation of her appearance is believed not only around her boobs, stomach and nose, but she also appears to have beauty enhancement on her lips.

Beyonce Plastic Surgery Lips Reduction

From the comparison between Beyonce before and after plastic surgery pictures above, her lips looks thinner than before. It is believed as the effect of lip reduction.

What about Beyonce teeth? There was a rumor if she had been under knife for teeth cosmetic surgery. Did she really do it?

Beyonce Teeth Before and After

Until now there has been no reports that she has been under knife for veneers. The rumors of Beyonce teeth whitening are only based on the comparison between before and after photos. Look at the picture below!

Beyonce Teeth Before and After Photos

From the picture above, she indeed has brighter smile than before. It may be as the result of veneers, but it could be also as other beauty treatments.

Well, after seeing all the photos of Beyonce before and after plastic surgery, do you believe if this famous singer has really been under knife for some procedures of cosmetic surgery? You can decide by yourself!

One thing that has to be noted, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter has never given any statements whether she had cosmetic surgery procedures or not. Therefore, it is no wonder if the rumors of Beyonce cosmetic surgery become a center of attention in the recent years.

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