BOA KWON Plastic Surgery

BOA Kwon

Boa Kwon, was born at Kyung Gi Do, South Korea, November 5, 1986. Boa is one person who has the talent to sing in South Korea and then perform in front of the public as a star whose successful career in the world of singing. Boa first foray into the world of singing is when SM Entertainment, opportunities for South Korean society to plunge into the world of entertainment and finally Boa was accompanied by his sister enroll for admission into that program.

After undergoing a rigorous selection audition so Boa Kwon eventually included in the most wanted talent list by SM Entertainment. His success at the audition stage, Boa then entered into a long training period is two years in BC Intertainment. Training process for two years of training in SM Entertainment finally bearing fruit, he finally managed to release his debut album on the South Korea song marketĀ  in 2000 and then continue to work in the following years until now. Boa skills than as a singer is writing his own lyrics is also has a multi-language capabilities, namely Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and English. That matter, which made Boa is successfully accepted in some countries such as Japan, China and even Asia and the world. Boa is one of the South Korean artist who managed to go international.

Its success in the entertainment industry in South Korea did not escape the criticism directed at him. Many critics of the Boa in various media about his appearance perfect, until finally circulated photos of him before becoming now and finally terkuaklah some argument that says Boa Kwon perform plastic surgery on his face, that surgery was is at the chin and nose. Like in the picture this below.

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