Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Looking shiny, refreshed and free of sagging skin and wrinkles are not destined to those who are far from cosmetic and plastic surgery. This is what changed an actor named Carrot Top to become a center of talk. This red curly haired man is one of celebrities who are tight lipped for plastic surgery procedures.  He claimed that the change is not caused by such surgery procedures but her natural way of life and the affect of make up which have changed her appearance a lot.

Carrot Top Plastic Surgery: Facts or Rumors

Public will consider differently that he got some cosmetic surgeries such as browlift, facelift, dermal fillers and the last one is Botox injection.

Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Before and After

Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Before and After

If he claimed that he did nothing with plastic surgery, his photos in  this case will tell us something else. At least his brow looks elevated now. Public might also compare how his brow lift has made his look even scarier and this browlift procedure that made it.

What people have claimed for his new look was on face lift. The procedure results his face to be free from saggy skin and has smooth face than before.

Carrot Top Before and After Plastic Surgery

Carrot Top Before and After Plastic Surgery

Besides the facelift and Brow lift that have made him look different, the Botox injection also played an important role in changing his new face. This plastic surgery procedure has made him to be free from any wrinkles. At his 50 years old, he still looks rejuvenated, refreshed and have more youthful look. That’s why many people assumed that the Botox injections on his unnatural face can not be separated from Botox injection procedures.

Another spot he took was Dermal Fillers. What dermal filler are like? This procedure seemed to have a significant role in changing his look. The famous filler such as Juvederm on his lips, and cheek are rumored to have been injected by this filler too.

So what do you think about his decision to look younger though he is starting to look his age.

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