Diane Keaton Plastic Surgery Before and After

There are some celebrities who are not young anymore but they still maintain their flawless beauty. There are some of them who are rumored to have taken plastic surgery behind their youthful facial skin and some opt to grow gracefully and naturally. Here is another senior Hollywood celeb who claims to grow old gracefully.

Diane Keaton, 70 years old who is worth saying 30s due to her charming and attractive look. From this appearance, then speculation among forum of celebrity gossip websites comes up. She is reportedly to have taken s series of plastic surgery procedures from  facelift to rhinoplasty surgery.

Diane Keaton Plastic Surgery Procedures in Detail

Diane Keaton Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Diane Keaton Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Her young and rejuvenated appearance is where people start questioning her natural beauty. Facial skin without sagging or wrinkles signs invisible, does not really look like a 70s year old lady in common. The face lift procedure seems successfully tighten her face. The more so, she admitted that she supported those remedy for anti aging.

She then added that being an entertainer, it is sometime compulsory that such surgical procedures work wonders for those who want to look remarkably beautiful and stunning on every single moment both live and on screen. Of course, they need some work, in terms of glorifying their beauty with the aid of lighting effects and the magic of airbrush.

Diane Keaton Before and After Plastic Surgery

Diane Keaton Before and After Plastic Surgery

It can be clearly seen that Diane has had some plastic surgery rumors to hide her aging signs or effects and to keep her personality and look. Surprisingly, this senior actress is also claimed to have taken a nose job. An American plastic surgeon, Dr. John Di Saia noticed the dramatic change of herself after he looked at her current photos. She got narrower and more pointed nose shape.

Public also can compare her photos especially on her nose part where it is more straight and thinner, and the nose tip is also more rounded. It seems like the rhinoplasty has refined and reshaped her nose look.

This is Diane Keaton who keeps her beauty in an undeniable reaction. Her decision of having plastic surgery remains debatable. Moreover, she has even claimed that she looks as it is today because of her regular diet and healthy way of living she runs. They all go in that way naturally. Then the public could suspect from different point of view through seeing her current and previous photos. If the speculation tells the truth, then, all what she needs to is just thanks to those plastic surgery procedures since they make as she becomes today.

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