Dolly Parton Plastic Surgery – Before and After

When you have talent, and then you have the money, and the desire to live long, you have nothing standing in your way as far as your looks go. That is the case with Dolly Parton who has admitted to going for various types of plastic surgeries to make herself always look her best. The Dolly Parton plastic surgery, she admits, has cost her a good part of her money. He looks like someone in her early forties yet the Dolly Parton age is 67 years. We delve into the plastic surgery she must have done to keep her looks.

The boob job

The boob job always finds some favor among celebrities as it gives them a sexier look. Dolly Parton pictures bring out one clear evidence that she went for a boob job; her boobs are firm and big. This is one evidence of a Dolly Parton plastic surgery since women younger than she is have sagging boobs while hers show no sign of aging. Is it not a surprise that the Dolly Parton age is 67 yet her bust could pass for that of a twenty year old? Thanks plastic surgery.

Dolly Parton Boob Job

Dolly Parton Boob Job                                                                                     Source

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A rhinoplasty in the mix

There is no denying that she went for a rhinoplasty or what is commonly called a nose job. You only need to look at Dolly Parton pictures to know that she has undergone a drastic change as far as her nose is concerned. The first time she stepped out with plastic surgery having been done on her, the nose was evidently different. A single look at her would reveal that the Jolly Dolly had had a rhinoplasty done. The best part? She admits to everything from the rhinoplasty to everything else we will tell you.

Dolly Parton Nose Job

Dolly Parton Nose Job                                                                             source

She had a facelift

A facelift is done to eliminate any sagging skin or sunken cheeks that are a part of the natural aging process. For Parton, aged 67 years, one would expect that she shows a wrinkle here, a sunken cheek there and other such changes. However, her look is way too perfect to for someone her age. As a matter of fact, she looks too perfect for her 67 years. The facelift creates a rounded face beaming with life unlike the ones where women leave their faces to show their ages when they can have a little change to look younger.

Dolly Parton FaceLift

Dolly Parton FaceLift                                                                                                Source

She must have had a neck lift

When people age, the neck sags and shows lots of sagging skin that is not liked by most people. The neck lift will ensure the neck stays looking young at all times. For the neck of Dolly Parton to look the way it does, she must have had a neck lift surgery. This surgery has given her a neck that looks almost 40 years younger than she is. The good news is that, with Dolly, there is not disputing as far as the plastic surgery is concerned as she admits to everything we guess.

Dolly Parton NeckLift

Dolly Parton NeckLift                                                                      Source

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