Ear Piercings for Men | Different Types of Ear Piercings for Guys

Ear piercings for men began popular through the community of  hippies and sailors. If we pay attention, there are so many men especially actors or rockstars tend to wear earrings recently. Moreover, ear piercings were regarded as one of the most important kinds of jewelry since prehistoric times.

There are so many different types of ear piercings for guys. We at least noted that there are 8 popular types of ear piercings for men.

Different Types of Ear Piercings for Guys

Ear Lobe Piercing For MenEar Lobe PiercingIf you're going for piercing for the first time, go for this one as it is the most common type of ear piercing for guys. The lobe is punctured, and either a barbell or a stud is an appropriate choice to adorn it.
Helix Piercing For MenHelix PiercingUnlike other types of piercings where a piercing gun can be used too, only a sterile needle can be used to pierce the helix, in the upper cartilage of the ear. Hoops or cuffs can be worn as accessories in this case.
Tragus Piercing For GuysTragus PiercingJust the thought of getting it done rolls shivers down my spine. Guys who're audacious enough can go for this one as it is meticulously done on the cartilage flap, and looks simply awesome. Captive bed rings and spirals are the most preferred jewelry options.
Anti Tragus Piercing For MenAnti Tragus PiercingThis one isn't that frightening. Since it is done in the inner cartilage of the ear, it takes lesser time to heal in comparison to a tragus piercing. Go for ball closure rings in this case. They look amazing!
Conch Piercing For MenConch PiercingInner or outer, both ways, the piercing is done at the center of the ear cartilage. It heals quickly if cleaned daily, and ball closure rings or barbells can be worn.
Industrial Piercing For MenIndustrial PiercingThis one's yet to become prominent among masses, as it calls for a lot of care, and takes at least a year to heal. It is done in the upper cartilage of the ear, and a single piercing is made to pass through two holes. Claws and barbells can be worn as adornments.
Rook Piercing For MenRook PiercingIt is done on the thick cartilage lying between the inner and the outer conch of the year, above the ear canal. It is somewhat painful as the needle passes through the thick cartilage, and may take up to a year to heal. Captive bed rings are the most sought after jewelry for rook piercing.
Daith Piercing For MenDaith PiercingIt's the sassiest addition to the class of cool ear piercings, and indeed, complicated. It is primarily done in the outer rim of the cartilage of the ear, which lies closest to the head. The jewelry may vary, but captive bed rings are the most suitable ornament.

Ear Piercings Aftercare | Preventing an Ear Piercing Infection

Body piercing in general has become very fashionable these days, and a significant amount of that piercing occurs on the outer ear. Typically, and classically, ears were pierced down here, and this lower part of your earlobe is fat. The upper part has cartilage in it. If you get an infection in your earlobe where there’s fat, you take the piercing out, you put hot compresses on it, and it will almost always resolve. This is a fairly resistant area to severe infection. When you pierce through cartilage, however, the possibility of severe infection goes up, and if it occurs, it requires much more aggressive therapy, often with oral or intravenous antibiotics. So, the first thing is, when you have your ears pierced you want to be sure that whoever’s doing the piercing cleans your ear thoroughly with an antiseptic, such as alcohol or iodine solution, before they do the piercing. You want to be sure that the earring that’s put in through the piercing is a high quality metal which lowers the likelihood of infection.

How Long Does It Take For Ear Piercing To Close Up?

Generally, ear piercings take about 4-6 weeks to close. This is the average time for ear piercings to take any hole on the earlobe to heal. This will apply if there was no earring kept in the ear at any point in time in which it would inhibit the closing or the process of healing.

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