Ellie Goulding Plastic Surgery | Ellie Goulding Without Makeup

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The singer of  “Love Me Like You Do” Ellie Goulding now becomes a center of people’s attention. It is not dealing with her achievements, but it is all about the possibility for her to get plastic surgery.

Ellie Goulding Plastic Surgery Before and After

Ellie Goulding Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Ellie Goulding Get Plastic Surgery?

The rumors of Ellie Goulding plastic surgery began becoming headlines since her appearance especially her face looked a little bit different at pre-Grammy party. What has she done to her face?

Ellie Goulding After Plastic Surgery

Ellie Goulding’s appearance at pre-Grammy party sparks concern among fans as she steps out with fuller lips and seemingly changed boobs. Many of the fans see that her lips and boobs look much different than she used to. Did she get lip injections and boob job? Let’s see the reviews below!

Lips Injection

Quoted from dailymail.co.uk

Although she has always been the owner of plump, pouty lips, they appeared fuller than usual, with the slick of pale pink gloss only adding to their volume.

The Burn hitmaker also seemed to be more preened than usual, although that was a conscious choice based on her elegant ensemble, a cobalt blue figure-hugging dress that signalled a more grown-up style for the youthful star.

It wasn’t long until people began to comment on Ellie’s appearance on Twitter and other social media sites, with many questioning whether she had undergone surgery or had lip fillers.

Ellie Goulding Before and After Photos

Ellie Goulding Before and After Photos

And the followings are feedback from fans on twitter regarding Ellie Goulding’s transformation.

Ellie Goulding Plastic Surgery Feedback

Ellie Goulding Plastic Surgery Feedback

When she stepped out on Saturday at a US event, the 2016 MusiCares Person Of The Year Honoring Lionel Richie in Los Angeles, she gave the statements dealing with her new appearance at pre-Grammy party. See the quotation below, and then decide by yourself whether she really has had some work done or not.

‘At one time, I was getting all this musical success, but I wasn’t getting all the things that went with it, like magazine covers,’ she told ES Magazine in 2014.

‘I was convinced for a long time I wasn’t aesthetically pleasing enough. I would have to angle my face to hide the side of my nose, or my chin.’

She then went on to say that she finally overcame her self-image issues, which turned her world around, and her opinion about herself.  

‘Then I stopped caring,’ she added. ‘I let go. Put a different energy out there — then [the magazine covers] all started to happen.’

Boob Job

Ellie Goulding Plastic Surgery Before and After Boob Job

Ellie Goulding Boob Job

Quoted from thesun.co.uk post.

“The 29-year-old singer walked the red carpet at Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy gala last night and fans were quick to notice something different about her appearance. As she showed off her stunning figure in a skin-tight blue dress, some fans speculated that Ellie has had work done on her boobs.”

Well, if we compare before and after pictures above, Ellie Goulding Boobs indeed look different than before. Her breast size now appears much fuller and bigger than she used to.

Besides lips injection and breast augmentation surgery, she was also reported having a nose job. This allegation is based the new shape of Ellie Goulding’s nose. See the comparison of before and after photos below!

Ellie Goulding Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Ellie Goulding Nose Job

Ellie Goulding Without Makeup

The followings are some photos of Ellie Goulding without makeup. Try to compare them with Ellie Goulding’s appearance with the use of makeup! You will be surprised.

Ellie Goulding Without Makeup Photo

Ellie Goulding Without Makeup Photo

Ellie Goulding Without Makup Artist

Ellie Goulding Without Makup Artist

Ellie Goulding With Makeup Photo

Ellie Goulding With Makeup Photo

What do you think about the rumors of Ellie Goulding plastic surgery and some pictures of her with and without makeup? Do you believe she has had some procedures of plastic surgery done?

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