Female Nipple Piercing and Breastfeeding Problems

Toppiercings.com – Nipple piercing increasingly becomes popular form of body piercing for female and male. This  piercing type is not only pleasing aesthetics, but it is considered to be physically pleasing as well because it can increase the sensitivity of the nipple.

Nipple Piercing and Breastfeeding

The big question of female nipple piercing is that whether you are able to breastfeed with nipple piercings? This question seems to be a common things for female especially when they are breastfeeding their babies.

Thankfully, the answer of the question above is yes. A few studies show that there is no any evidence that show niple piercing will affect mom’s ability to breastfeed even though the milk may leak out of the hole. There are many mothers go onto breastfeed successfully with pierced nipples.

Nipple Piercing and Breastfeeding Problem

So, from now on you do not need to worry about nipple piercing and breastfeeding problems.  Every woman can breastfeed their babies although their nipple are piercied. Nonetheless, it has to be kept in mind that your piercings should be well healed before you breastfeed your lovely babies.

One thing that you have to keep in mind! In order to reduce some of the risks caused by a niple piercing, you have to get it done at least  a year before pregnancy.

Nipple Piercing Aftercare and Healing

How long does it take for a nipple piercing to heal? This type of piercings take longer to heal than other body piercings type. To make your niple piercings healed well, it needs properly aftercare. The average nipple piercing healing time is between 9 and 12 months.

Soap and alcohol-based cleansers can be the best option to help healing your niple piercings because the cracked skin is more susceptible to infection. Do not worry if sudsy water runs over your nipple piercings when you are bathing or shower. The important thing is that you do not soap them up directly. But, if you already did it before knowing this tips, use sea salt to clean your healing nipple piercings!

Nipple Piercing Pain Scale

How bad does nipple piercing hurt female? The niple piercing pain for male and female is different. Male niple piercing hurts so badly because thier nerve endings are so close together. Meanwhile, female niple piercing is less painful since the nerves in their nipples are spread out.

The pain scale of niple piercing depends on individual level of pain. But, by the sounds of it on your scale, the niple piercing scale may be about 1-6/10. Make sure when the piercer mark your nipples, he or she allows you to look at it first in the mirror in order to make them look equal.

Nipple Piercing Infection Treatment after Removal

Nipple piercing infection signs? Is your nipple piercing infected or is it rejecting? These two common questions are the most often asked when they had niple piercings for the first time.

Niple piercing signs can be seen from the nipple area which is hot when it is touched, leaking of fluid, discoloration of skin to a darker colour, your glands in your breasts begin to ache and then you could get diarrhea and tummy cramps in acute cases.

How if your nipple piercing has been infected? Do not ever use Peroxide and polysporin because they will not do favors on you.

The best treatment for nipple infection is by mixing sea salt and hot water in a hot glass and put it on the piercing allowing it to soak in the salt water for 5-10 minutes. Make sure you always wash your hands before touching your nipple piercing. This treatment usually works well to heal your nipple piercing infections.

However, if you have done the treatments above, and you do not see any improvement in 2-3 days or your nipple piercing infections even get worse, go to the doctor to get antibiotics.

Nipple Piercing Cost: Female Nipple Piercing Cost

The price of nipple piercing can vary depending on the location and the treatments. But, the average cost of nipple piercing is typically $30 to $65.

Nipple Piercing Jewelry

The best nipple piercing jewellery is typically barbells or rings, but the use of most types of jewellery is possible. We believe that everyone with a nipple piercing needs to beautiful unique jewelry. The followings are the freshest and most innovative jewelry styles which are designed for comfort and style.

16 Gauge Nipple Rings16 Gauge Nipple Rings
Gold Nipple RingsGold Nipple Rings
Heart Nipple RingsHeart Nipple Rings
Nipple BarbellNipple Barbell
Diamond Nipple RingsDiamond Nipple Rings
Surgical Steel Nipple RingsSurgical Steel Nipple Rings

Well, nipple piercings indeed become popular form of body piercing for female and male nowdays. This may be affected by their obsession to look sexy and to increase arousal upon stimulation.

Do you plan to have nipple piercings?


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