Gisele Bundchen Plastic Surgery | Gisele Before and After Surgery

Gisele Plastic Surgery lately becomes a hot topic in several magazines in New York. There are a lot of celebrity magazines report that she was caught by reporters’ camera entering a beauty clinics by wearing a burqa to conceal her identity in Paris, France.

Gisele Plastic Surgery Wearing Burqa

According to the New York Post, Gisele Bundchen and her sister came to high-end private medical clinic in the French metropolis wearing a burqa — traditionally worn by Muslim women. The Post claims that she went to the clinic for plastic surgery.

Did Gisele Bundchen Get Plastic Surgery in Paris?

Before discussing further whether a woman with Burqa was really Gisele Bundchen or not, let’s see the pictures below!

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According to some reports, the procedures of Gisele cosmetic surgery included eyelift, nose job and breast augmentation or boob job. For more detail reviews about Gisele Bundchen plastic surgery, see the table below!

Before SurgeryAfter SurgeryProceduresResults
Gisele Bundchen Before Breast ImplantsGisele Bundchen After Boob JobBoob Job (Breast Augmentation or Breast Implants)It is obviously seen that her breast size has increased twice bigger than the before picture.
Gisele Bundchen Before Nose JobGisele Bundchen Nose JobNose Job (Rhinoplasty)The sign of Gisele nose job can be seen from her nose before the fame then compared with the recent one. It is clearly seen that her nose has changed thinner than before.
Gisele Bundchen Before Eye LiftGisele Bundchen Eye LiftEye LiftLook at Gisele Bundchen's eyes! They still are wide opened without hanging eyes bag or excessive skin under and upper the eyelids.

Did Gisele Bundchen admit all the allegations? Since her name became a hot topic of discussion in several forums, there are not any official statements regarding the rumors of plastic surgery addressed to her. She always keeps silent whenever reporters asked her about the cosmetic surgery rumors.

Nonetheless, you can decide by yourself whether the rumors of Gisele plastic surgery are true or not by comparing before and after pictures above.

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