Heidi Klum Plastic Surgery | Heidi Klum Nose Job and Breast Implants

Heidi Klum plastic surgery news lately steals public attention. She was reported having had some work done since her appearance, especially nose and breast size, looked much different than they used to.

When she was confirmed whether the speculations was true or not, the internationally-renowned German supermodel, television host and famous fashion designer openly admitted that she indeed had been under knife to enhance her appearance. However, she just told that she only had breast implants, no more than it. What about the rumors of nose job?Is it just a rumor or fact?

Well, before answering whether she has had a rhinoplasty or not, let’s see first the comparison between  Heidi Klum before and after pictures below!

Heidi Klum Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

To see the complete galery of Heidi Klum plastic surgery pictures, you just need to shift the arrow in the box.

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Has Heidi Klum Had Plastic Surgery-Nose Job?

Based on the results of comparison between before and after pictures above, the procedures of Heidi Klum plastic surgery apparently does not only include boob job, but some people also predict that she might get more surgical procedures done. What are they? See the table below!

Breast ImplantsYou can see her breast size, it looks twice bigger than before. Heidi Klum Breast Size likely has changed from B to C cup size. It was admitted as the result of boob job.
Nose JobThe sign of Heidi Klum nose job can be seen through the shape of her nose which looks a bit thinner than she used to.
Botox Injection and Laser TreatmentThe laser treatment was aimed to remove a tattoo of ex-hubby Seal. While, Botox was taken to keep her face skin appears smooth and to get rid of wrinkles.
Tummy TuckThis procedure was believed having been successfully helped the model to get rid of the excessive fat after pregnancy.

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In short, from the before and after pictures above, it can be seen that the procedures of Heidi Klum plastic surgery are not only breast implants, but there are possibilities for her to get additional cosmetic surgery procedures like nose job, Botox and laser treatment.

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