Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery | Ivanka Trump Boob Job and Nose Job

The rumors of Ivanka Trump plastic surgery have become hot topic of discussion among viewers in recent years. A lot of people wonder whether the daughter of Donald Trump, a succesful American businessman and the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party for President of the United States in the 2016 election, really has been under knife or not.

Ivanka Trump herself so far still keeps silent about these rumors. She neither denied nor confirmed whether she has really had some plastic surgery procedures done or not.

Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

However, comparing some photos between Ivanka Trump before plastic surgery with the recent pictures, she indeed looks different than she used to. She now appears with better defined nose and big breast size. Looking at her transformation, many viewers predict that she possibly has had a nose job and breast augmentation surgery (boob job).

Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery – Nose Job and Boob Job

Did she really get nose job and breast implants? Well, before digging more information whether the speculations of rhinoplasty and breast surgery are true, let’s see the following before and after pictures!

Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job

Ivanka Trump Nose Job

Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery Before And After

Ivanka Trump Boob Job

From the pictures above, can you see the difference? Do you believe if the changes on her nose and boobs were as the result of rhinoplasty and breast augmentation surgery? Let’s see the detail reviews below!

Ivanka Trump Nose Job Before and After

As a successful business woman, spending much money for beauty enhancements is not big deal for Ivanka. With her money, she can do everything for her appearance including plastic surgery. Did she really have nose job done?

Ivanka Trump Nose Job Before and After Pictures

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From the comparison between Ivanka Trump before plastic surgery photos with the recent pictures, her nose has turned into slimmer. The bump at the tip seemed to be reduced while the nassal bridge has been narrowed, so that the nostrils can look smaller. This was believed as the effect of nose surgery. With new nose, she now looks prettier than previous years.

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Ivanka Trump Boob Job Before and After

What about the speculations of breast augmentation surgery? Did she really have it done? Looking at the drastic change on her cup size, it is very possible for Ivanka Trump to have boob job done. Her breast size now appears twice bigger than before. If the change on her cup size was natural, it would not look as big as what we can see now. Look once more the picture below! You will see unbelievable change.

Ivanka Trump Boob Job Before and After Pictures

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Even some celebrity viewers think that Ivanka Trump Boobs look too big for her slim body frame, as if they will explode. Nonetheless, not a few of them admire that her new appearance really looks awesome. if the rumors of Ivanka Trump plastic surgery were indeed true, they believed that the surgeons had worked well.

Beside being rumored having nose job and boob job, Ivanka Trump was also reported having been under knife for chin implant. However, the truth of this speculation is still debateable among plastic surgeons because the sign of this procedure is almost invisible. The before and pictures below is claimed as the evidence of Ivanka Trump chin implants.

Ivanka Trump Chin Implants

Ivanka Trump Chin Implants

What do you think about Ivanka Trump surgery? Do you see she looks good after having plastic surgery procedures done? Feel free to share this post if you find something interesting, and do not hesitate to give your reviews about Ivanka Trump cosmetic surgery results in box comment.

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