He is one of the talented people since a child, his talent was seen since the age of five years by talent agent. In 1997, Jang talent began to be seen by a television station which then was the beginning of his career as an actor. His career as an actor succeed, starred in several films in South Korea even been to Japan., who starred in several films in Korea even been to Japan. After he focused career in the world of cinema, Jang also then take part in the music industry in 2008. Its action in the Korean music industry is very good, and 2015 Jang Geun Suk still showed his ability in the field of music with the advent of music album “monochrome”.

 It is no doubt the capabilities of Jang Geun Suk in South Korean entertainment world. Of age who is still fairly kids are entering the world of entertainment makes Jang Geun Suk became a figure that has been mature in the world of entertainment. Experience and talents have also made a lot of fans both locally and internationally. Be how media in South Korea could be questioned about his appearance, with his perfect face shape. South Korean public asked about his face,  whether natural or ‘plastic surgery’. In some media Jang Geun Suk does not admit that he plastic surgery, but the statement can be refuted by the circulation of pictures of him when before he became an entertainment star.

In some photos of himself, can be seen a change in the pattern of his face. At first appearnot clear yet if the note there is a change in the face of Jang before and after plastic surgery. It is no longer a taboo for the Korean entertainment industry south of the plastic surgery because South Korea is one country that the entertainment industry and fasion not only domestically but also abroad.

Here are some photos that could explain changes in the face of Jang Geun Suk.