Kathy Griffin Net Worth 2015 – $15 Million

Kathy Griffin is best known as American comedian and actress who has been successfully staring many films and comedy series in various television channels. As her popularity makes her full of contract jobs that might make her as waiting list actress or comedian. Not only popularity that she got but she also owns much money for her activities as actress and comedian.

Kathy Griffin Net Worth

Though she is not the richest Hollywood actress but she lived with wallow property. One reportedly news showed that her net worth is for about $15 Million. One of the greatest sources of her worth is My Life on the D-List program show in which she finally achieved two Emmy Awards for Outstanding Reality Program whose great rating in America. Statistic noted that she is the only female host in late night show so that her worth will increase more and more.

Was born in Oak Park, Illinois, U.S. at November 4, 1960, Kathleen Mary “Kathy” Griffin seems to be devoted her life into a comedy path. This 62 years old woman also appears in some shorts comedy project like Suddenly Susan from 1996 to 2000.  Kathy Griffin is well known with her controversial and extreme statement about the religion and American popular culture. She is one of celebrity who agrees to same sex marriage issues in America and LGBT right activist.

Beyond her controversy, fact shows that she is the only female host in late night show. She appears in four different television stations and become a host for special program. As her full scheduled activities as actress, host, and comedian, it is predicted that Kathy Griffin net worth must be more than $15million.

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