Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

There have been rumors developing on Kelly Ripa, a well-known American actress who is 45 years old now. Her dramatic change on her facial skin and body overall leaves a debatable question among many people. Kelly personally does not admit having such plastic surgery procedures, she is just tight lipped-up. The best and reasonable ways to claim if she had gone under knife or not was by looking at her before and after photos and see where the enhancements have been made.

Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery Procedures

Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery Before and After

The cosmetic surgery speculation developed since her appearance dramatically changed. The smooth and free of wrinkles are signs that this middle aged actress is helped by Botox intervention. An expert commented that she moreover had amount of Botox injection on her face and she did it regularly.

At her current 45 years old she still looks attractive and charming as though her face look does not have any aging signs. Looking at her flawless face skin, we then could suspect that Botox injection makes her face looks so elastic and rejuvenated as is she is 20s or 30s. Her forehead also looks lifted and eyebrow looks arched, giving such artificial and unusual impression.

Kelly Ripa Breast Implants Before and After

Kelly Ripa Breast Implants Before and After

Kelly Ripa breast size has also been a center of talk after her photos shown publicly. Looking her breast size than compared it to the previous (old) ones, public may notice that the boobs look bigger and rounder than they used to. It is also another proof that breast implant or boob job play an important role for her big boobs change.  She probably has a bit small cup size and might feel uncomfortable and dissatisfied. Therefore, she opted to go under knife for breast implant to add the volume of her breast size. So it is not strange now if we see her boobs that are fuller, sexier, bigger than used to.

Another unforeseen change that she made was a nose job. Kelly used to have wider nose with bit rounder tip. But if you see her current photos, you will see those characteristics since the rhinoplasty surgery made it different. She has new shape of nose now which looks slimmer and the tip looked finely cut and overall more refined.

The speculation of Kelly Ripa plastic surgery could be true since her different appearance tells public everything. So what do you have in mind?

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