Kim Taeyeon SNSD Plastic Surgery | Taeyeon Pre and Post Surgery

For Kpop lovers may have been so familiar with Korean girl Band SNSD (Girl’s Generation). Besides their songs, most of SNSD fans admire the members’ beauty.

One of SNSD members who steals many people attention is Kim Taeyeon. She does not only look beautiful, but she also has gold voice which is able to enchant many listeners. However, this time we will not talk about her voice, but we would like to invite all the fans of Girl’s Generation to discuss whether Kim Taeyeon has a plastic surgery or not.

Did Kim Taeyeon SNSD Get Plastic Surgery?

Before discussing further about Kim Taeyeon SNSD plastic surgery, let’s see first the comparison between before and after pictures above! After looking at some pictures between Taeyeon pre surgery with the recent pictures, can you see the signs of plastic surgery in her appearance? What kind of surgical procedures did she have?

According to the rumors which are based on the results of comparison between Kim Taeyeon SNSD before and after photos above, the beautiful singer was reported having been under knife for nose job, double eyelid surgery and jaw surgery. For more detail reviews of Kim Taeyeon SNSD plastic surgery and the results, you can see in the table below!

Kim Taeyeon Plastic Surgery ProceduresThe Results
Kim Taeyeon SNSD Nose JobKim Taeyeon's nose now looks slimmer and more elegant than she used to.
Kim Taeyeon SNSD Double Eyelid SurgeryKim Taeyeon's eyes now look wide opened and give impression like a western girl.
Kim Taeyeon SNSD Jaw SurgeryHer jawline now looks bit slimmer than before. She looks more beautiful with the shape of her new jawline.

Nose job, double eyelid surgery and jaw surgery are three of cosmetic surgery procedures which are most often taken by Korean women or other women in general. These three popular procedures of plastic surgery are believed having changed Taeyeon’s appearance. She now looks more beautiful rather than pre surgery.

Nonetheless, it has to be noted that the rumors’ truth of Kim Taeyeon SNSD plastic surgery is still debatable among the fans and haters. The actress herself always denied when she was interviewed by some reporters concerning with these rumors. She always convinced them that her appearance is still natural without any procedures of plastic surgery done.

“….Everyone, I didn’t have plastic surgery! I didn’t fix my nose or eyes. My mom will be very sad if these stories are going around about her daughter that she gave birth to with her own strength…”

But, if the speculations above were a fact, it seems to be a bad news for the watchers of Korean plastic surgery who are still against to plastic surgery in Korea. Why? Recently, the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons revealed that Korean women attempt to emulate the doll-like features of the K-pop girls bands like Girls Generation by changing some of their face features through plastic surgery as what has been reported by

It can be imagined if there are many fans of Girls Generation take a cosmetic surgery in order to look like Kim Taeyeon, whereas the beauty surgery itself cannot guarantee the best result. There are some Korean women look worse after being under knife.

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In short, regardless of pros and cons about Kim Taeyeon SNSD plastic surgery, South Korea now becomes a mecca for plastic surgery. There are roughly 7.5 million people have traveled to Seoul, South Korea only for having a plastic surgery.

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