Kim Zolciak Plastic Surgery is Finally Revealed

The rumors of Kim Zolciak plastic surgery are finally revealed. As what was reported by, she opened up about her beauty surgery. She even shared the result of her cosmetic surgery in instagram in which she posted some photos wearing a hot swimsuit that showed off her amazing body shape escpecially the legs and tiny waist. See the picture below!

Kim Zolciak Plastic Surgery Pictures

The big question is what surgical procedures she had undergone? As she stated in an interview she at least had three plastic surgery procedures done like tummy tuck, Botox and breast augmentation surgery (breast implants).

Kim Zolciak Plastic Surgery Lists

Plastic surgery becomes most often taken as a shortcut to gain the beautiful look. There are so many Hollywood celebrities, actors and actresses, are reported having this beauty surgery to keep their assets including Kim Zolciak. The followings are the lists of Kim Zolciak plastic surgery procedures. Let’s check them out!

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Kim Zolciak Plastic Surgery: Tummy Tuck

The 37-year-old American television personality openly admitted that she did a tummy tuck to remove the excess fat and skin after the twins. The results of her abdominoplasty can be seen the pictures above.

“So you all know after the twins I had a hernia and while fixing the hernia I opted to have a tummy tuck as well!” she wrote alongside the selfie. “My scar is very low and very thin much thanks to @drhochstein but I still had a scar. I could wear bikinis you would never see it.”

Kim Zolciak Boob Job (Breast Augmentation)

The other procedures of cosmetic surgery that Kim Zolciak admitted is breast augmentation surgery. She told that she did boob job because her boobs looked perky after giving birth the twins.

“So it’s been three weeks since I had my surgery, my boobs are perky, my stomach is super tigh. It feels like I’m 20 again,'” she said. “I look f–king amazing.”

Kim Zolciak Plastic Surgery: Botox Injection

Kim Zolciak Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Besides tummy tuck, she also told frankly that she had taken Botox injection to maintain the flawless look and to eliminate the signs of aging like wrinkles and excessive skin around her face. She even revealed that she did this surgical procedure when she was still 25 years old due to migraines.

“I just don’t think there’s anything wrong with it,” she told InTouch magazine back in 2009. “Some cosmetic enhancement is obvious. A lot of times, the people who aren’t talking about it are the ones who look horrible. I do Botox…I started getting Botox when I was 25 for migraines. I recommend that to anybody.”

Kim Zolciak Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

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