Kim Jae Joon plastic surgery


Kim jae joon (jyj)Jaeejoong, Hangul 26 Januari 1986, Korea Selatan

Glitzy world of entertainment in South Korea gave birth to idols both inside and outside the country for the people of south korea. One artist who shines is Kim Jae Joon. Kim Jae Joon is a singer, songwriter, actor, director and designer. Demands the appearance for public figures in south korea is not just the appearance of outfit but plastic surgery has penetrated to the self-Kim Jae Joon to choose to adjust it in the face. The choice is a difficult choice for Kim, but finally he did it to enhance his face. So some changes also appears on the face of Kim that made the fans become more hysterical when they saw him appear in any television programs both locally and internationally.

Some changes Kim Jae-joon appears on the eyelids and nose. Some the appearance of Kim Jae Joon photos before and after plastic surgery on his face look some different point.

Such changes can be seen on opening the eyes of Kim at the photos before and after she did her plastic surgery. Then we can see in the nose, roundness on the nose appear smaller than before Kim perform plastic surgery.