Kylie Jenner Plastic Surgery Transformations

Kylie Jenner Plastic surgery Before and after

Kylie Jenner Plastic surgery Before and after

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Kylie Jenner is the youngest in the Kardashian family. If you have watched their family show for a while now, then you know there are many changes in the looks of the members of the Kardashian family. When you look at the pictures of Kylie Jenner before and after plastic surgery, you will notice various changes in her lips, nose, face, and other parts of her body. Some people who knew her before all the fame and glamor wonder about the Kylie Jenner lips. Have they not received some attention from the plastic surgeon? Most likely yes. But Jenner has denied that she ever visited a plastic surgeon for any of her looks. In fact, those in her family praise her new looks saying they are all natural. If you are thinking that she is doing all these plastic surgeries because she is old, think twice. The Kylie Jenner age is but 17. Yes, she is below 18 and has done more plastic surgery than most old celebrities will ever do.

The Riches

When you belong to such a famous and rich family, you must be under pressure to always look your best. While most us had money issues in our teenage years, Kylie has none of those. As a matter of fact, she can afford anything she wants. That is the reason she can afford most plastic surgeries that do not come cheap like some people may think. For example, looking at Kylie Jenner before and after plastic surgery reveals that she has done at least five types of surgeries. All these do not come at a cheap price as has been proven by the fact that only the celebrities with the money to go for them have ventured in this world of plastic surgery. Although she denies having had any type of surgery on her body, one can see that her body looks very different  from who she was just a while ago.

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The Changes

Kylie Jenner Lip Job

Kylie Jenner Lip Job

The Kylie Jenner lips look pumped up and one would only wonder which of the many plastic surgery procedures for the lips did she go for. Her nose looks smaller and sharper than what she had a few years back. Also, her backside looks more or less like that of a Brazilian model than a white lady. Besides that, the color of her face looks lighter and her cheeks which were almost chubby are now flat and looking like those of a model. With the Kylie Jenner age being only 17, questions keep rising about how many times she will go under the knife before she reaches old age. While some celebrities have used plastic surgery to enhance their looks when they have started feeling the effects of old age, she has started going under the doctor’s knife way too soon. At the tender age of 17, everyone is looking their best as it is an age where youthfulness would have blossomed and few would ever need to change how they look. Kylie Jenner thinks differently though.

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