Lady Gaga Plastic Surgery Golden Globes 2016

A lot of people noticed that there was something different from Lady Gaga’s appearance in Golden Globes 2016. They saw that her appearance look much different than she used to. What happened to her?

Well, if we compare her appearance in Golden Globes 2016 to a red carpet photo from the EMMY Awards, we will not be able to see the tattoos on her body anymore. See the pictures below!

Lady Gaga Before and After Photos

Lady Gaga Before and After Photos

In the closeup photoshoot with harsher lighting, you will be able to see the difference.

Lady Gaga Golden Globes

So, how did Lady Gaga cover up her tattoos? According to some reports, she enlisted a profesional makeup artist Mike Mekash to cover up her ink. And luckily he did it well.

“The covers I did looked great on the red carpet and on stage when she WON! And for 99% of the press photos.  As for the why? You’d have to ask Gaga”

Lady Gaga Before and After Plastic Surgery

Looking at her drastic appearance in Golden Globes, people did not only focus on how she covered up her tattoos, but it also brought back some people to the rumors of Lady Gaga plastic surgery.

As we know that there are a lot of rumors saying that she has some plastic surgery procedures done during her professional career in music industry.

According to the rumors, the procedures of Lady Gaga plastic surgery included nose job, hip augmentation, botox,  boob job and lip fillers injection. For more detail reviews, let’s see below!

Lady Gaga Nose Job

The rumors of Lady Gaga nose job indeed still becomes mystery because she herself has never given official statements whether she has been under knife for rhinoplasty or not. But, according to the speculations, she obviously had a nose job done. The speculation is based on the result of comparison between before and after photos.

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Lady Gaga Nose Job Before and After

Lady Gaga Nose Job Before and After

From the before and after pictures above, it is very clear that she previously had a bulbous nose. But, if we compare it to the recent one, her nose now appears to have shrunk in size,  shorter and smaller. The size of the nostrils also seemed to be reduced, so that her nasal bridge can look narrower and overall her nose does not occupy so much facial space than before.

Lady Gaga Boob Job

Another procedure of plastic surgery that she possibly had is breast augmentation (breast implant or boob job). This allegation is based on the size of her cup size which is considered having changed.

Lady Gaga Breast Implants Before and After

Lady Gaga Breast Implants Before and After

From the result of comparison between before and after photos above, Lady Gaga’s breast size looks artificial implants. Her boobs now look more rounded and puffed up.

Lady Gaga Plastic Surgery: Botox Injection

Besides the rumors of nose job and breast augmentation, Lady Gaga was also reported having had a botox injection. The allegation is based on her face skin which still appears so smooth and tight, as if it is hard to see the aging signs on her face.

Lady Gaga Botox Face

Lady Gaga Botox Face

Lady Gaga Hip Augmentation Rumors

There were also rumors say that the singer who was born on 28 Maret 1986 has had a hip augmentation surgery. The rumors were based on her body shape especially her hip which is noticeable appearing more voluptuous than before. See the picture below!

Lady Gaga Hip Augmentation

However, the truth of these rumors are still debatable since Lady Gaga herself has never any official statements about the rumors.

Lady Gaga Plastic Surgery: Lip Fillers Injection

Like hip augmentation rumors, the speculation of whether Lady Gaga underwent lip filler injection or not is still being debated by a lot of people because there is no obvious sign of lip filler use. They argued that the different shape of her lips can be also as the result of lipstick and makeup.

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