Mary-Kate Olsen Plastic Surgery| Why Do Mary Kate and Ashley Look So Old

Mary Kate Olsen plastic surgery has made headlines in several celebrity magazines. A lot of sources report that the twin Olsen intentionally had undergone cosmetic surgery in order to no longer look like twins. This speculation began spreading after some viewers saw them with different looks at recent red carpet event.

Mary Kate Olsen Plastic Surgery Pics

Before the rumors of Mary Kate Olsen plastic surgery became headlines in several magazines, it was difficult for us to pinpoint exactly what is difference between Mary and Kate Olsen. Now, they are not identical twins anymore. There are big differences on their looks. Did plastic surgery really play big role for their different look? Let’s see the reviews from plastic surgery experts below!

Mary Kate Olsen Plastic Surgery Before and After

Based on the reports published in popular celebrity magazines, Mary-Kate Olsen reportedly had undergone a liquid facelift which might be combined with several injectable fillers. Unfortunately, the liquid facelift procedure did not run well like the way they planned.

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A lot of viewers claimed that a liquid facelift becomes the answer of the question “why do Mary Kate look so old“. How do the twin look now?

Mary Kate Olsen Plastic Surgery Before and After

Mary Kate Olsen Before and After Plastic Surgery

Some plastic surgeons viewed that their face now looks different each other because Ashley took wrong procedure namely Liquid facelifts which are normally for women over forty, but she has gotten one at 29 years old.

Mary Kate Olsen Plastic Surgery Photos

Besides Liquid facelift, some plastic surgeons also predicted that Olsen had also been under knife for injectable fillers, fat transfer and Botox injection to rebalance her facial structure, and to eliminate the frown lines. But unfortunately, the result of Ashley Olsen plastic surgery looks very dissatisfying. With different looks, we will not longer confuse her with her twin Ashley!

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Since they were not identical twins anymore, a lot of fans have taken to Twitter or other social media to say how confused they are to see the twins looking so odd.

“I’m so saddened by Mary-Kate Olsen’s plastic surgery decisions,” wrote @jamieATD.

“Mary-Kate Olsen was good looking then plastic surgery happened,” tweeted @KatieSchwanz.

Mary Kate Olsen Plastic Surgery Images

According to to Mark Gray, Mary-Kate Olsen apparently did not only have a Liquid facelift and Botox, but she also had a nose job and chin implant. Instead of getting better looks, she now looks significantly older than other women in her age.

“Dressed in black and expressionless, Mary-Kate appeared to have a more pronounced jaw and bushier eyebrows than her fraternal twin. Her hair parted in the center, looking less put-together than usual, Mary-Kate seemed to many to look significantly older than a typical 28-year-old.”

What do you think about Mary-Kate Olsen Plastic Surgery? Are the Olsen twins surgeries a win or a lose? Feel free to share your reviews in box comments and do not forget to share this post if you find something interesting in this post!

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