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Do you believe an old proverb “Like Father Like Son, Like Mother Like Daughter”? It may be the fit proverb for describing Melissa Rivers’ plastic surgery. The daughter of Joan Rivers reportedly had some work done like her mother did.

The speculation of  Melissa Rivers’ cosmetic surgery began when some people see her with very shocking look. They see that her appearance looks much different than she used to. They see that at least there are some changes on her particularly on her face skin, nose, cheeks and her breast size.

Did Melissa Rivers Have Plastic Surgery?

It is not secret anymore that a lot of people are tempted to undergo plastic surgery but they never think about what it could do to them if things go wrong. Perhaps taking a good look at Melissa Rivers plastic surgery can show these people that they should be very afraid of cosmetic surgery side effect. Let’s see the pictures below!

Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery Before and After

Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery Before and After

Can you see the difference in Melissa Rivers’ face? Is there visible sign of plastic surgery in her looks? If you see closely at her recent appearance and then compare them to the previous pictures, you will see the drastic change on her apperance.

Based on the reports published at, the procedures of Melissa Rivers plastic surgery are covering a nose job, cheek augmentation, browlift, and use of dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvederm as well as Botox.

According to Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer, Melissa Rivers’ plastic surgery seems to be inspired by her mother’s beauty surgery, Joan Rivers.

“Melissa has had to watch her mother go through more than the average number of cosmetic surgeries.  Most would agree with Melissa that her mom Joan Rivers should stop- for health, safety and aesthetic reasons.   But Melissa has also had her share of cosmetic surgeries herself- such as a Rhinoplasty, cheek augmentation and possibly her brows.  She has quite a plastic surgery track record herself so far.”

Let’s look once again the following photos between Melissa Rivers before and after plastic surgery!

Melissa Rivers Before and After Plastic Surgery

Melissa Rivers Before and After Plastic Surgery

Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery Before and After Pics

Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery Before and After Pics

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Look at her face skin! Melissa Rivers’ face skin now apperas so smooth and flawless. Nonetheless, some viewers see that her ageless face looks unnatural and even it looks frozen without any expression at all. They predict that it was as the effect of too much Botox injection. The position of her brow also looked lifted up, indicating browlift procedure.

Now, let’s see her nose! the change on the nose is very noticeable. We can see that her nose now appears narrower than in the “before” picture. It is believed as the result of a nose job (Rhinoplasty).

The other face features that is suspected as the result of cosmetic surgery is her cheeks and lips. Her cheeks now look fuller even though it is a bit swollen. Meanwhile, if we take a good look at her lips, now she appears with duck lips. A lot of plastic surgeons assume that she got too much injectable fillers on the cheeks and lips which are usually called as cheeks filler and lips injection.

Well, some of us might wonder about the cost of Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery. Unluckily, there is no any source reporting in detail about her surgical procedures price. But, if we review her net worth, it seems not a big deal for her to pay high all the procedures of her beauty surgery.

Melissa Rivers Net Worth 2015

According to the reports published at, Melissa Rivers net worth is predicted reaching $8 Million. However, based on the reports published at International Business Times magazine, her net worth is more than $75 millions. This was based on the inheritance from her mother Joan Rivers.

“Melissa Rivers is set to inherit $75 million in cash, $35 million Upper East Side Condo and other properties. Grandchild Cooper, 13, is also set to have his own inheritance, US Weekly reports. The exact amount that the teen would inherit is unclear, but since Joan Rivers’ net worth was estimated to be around $150 million when she died, Cooper Rivers is most likely to receive around $40 million.”

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