Olivia Munn Plastic Surgery | Olivia Munn’s Face and Proactive Mark Fading Pads

A lot of people lately are shocked by the drastic change of Olivia Munn’s face. They saw that her appearance when she was attending The Academy Awards looked much different than she used to. What happened to her face? Did she get too much plastic surgery procedures done?

Olivia Munn Plastic Surgery

Olivia Munn herself has predicted that there were a lot of people would wonder with her transformation.  Nonetheless, she ensured that she did not get any procedures of cosmetic surgery. In an exclusive interview with Fashion magazine, she told that her ever-changing look was all thanks to her makeup team.

Although she has stated that she is free from any procedures of beauty surgery, but not a few of viewers still wonder and curious wth the case of Olivia Munn’s ever-changing face. They believe that she could have gotten some work done, but she hid them from public’s attention. Indeed, what she looks like at the Academy Awards? Let’s see the following pictures!

Olivia Munn’s Face Oscars and Proactive Mark Fading Pads

At first glance there is no strange to Olivia Munn’s face. But, if we compare with the other photos especially when she was at early career, she has changed a lot. Look at the comparison between before and after pictures below to see the difference!

Olivia Munn's Face at Oscars 2016

Olivia Munn’s Face at Oscars 2016

Olivia Munn Plastic Surgery Face Before and After

Olivia Munn Plastic Surgery Face Before and After

Can you see the difference? Do you believe if Olivia Munn’s ever-changing face as the effect of makeup? Or on the contrary her drastic face’s transformation is really as the result of plastic surgery. Noone can know the truth except herself.

Olivia Munn Plastic Surgery Before and After

Olivia Munn Plastic Surgery Before and After

One thing that should be kept in mind, she has made official statements that her appearance is still natural without plastic surgery.

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“I have more of a white appearance on the outside, but my bone structure is very much Asian. I have high cheekbones and smaller eyes. When you put shimmer on the inside of my eyes, I immediately look cross-eyed. If you put too heavy of an eyelash on me, it looks like my eyes are halfway closed.”

“We live in a time where there’s so many pictures that bring so much scrutiny. When your face changes because of makeup, it’s hard to let people know that you’re not actually doing surgery or fillers.”

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From the statement above, it can be concluded that she reminds,  for those people who thought that she might have gotten some procedures of cosmetic surgery done, that photographs do not always tell the full story.

In short, Olivia Munn might have revealed that she did not have any surgical procedures to enhance her appearance. But, before and after pictures show drastic changes on her face shape, skin and eyes. Did she get work done? You can decide by yourself.

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