Paula White Plastic Surgery Facts

A well-known international Christian evangelist Paula White is now casually talked in a discussion of celebrity plastic surgery. A woman who performs herself as a preacher is rumored to have gone under the knife. Due to her intense appearing on TV eventually drove her to cosmetic surgery by means of constant pressure to always look good in public eyes. Through some of her current photos which are widely televised, it is apparent that Paul had series of things done. Facelift, Botox injection, fillers and cheek implant are the procedures she has undertaken.

Paula White Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Paula White Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Paula White Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

At the first look, you may suspect that she is around 30 years old. This can bee seen on her face which looks so smooth with free aging lines. The Botox has removed her aging lines around her face. For instance is overall far from old signs. Her previous and current photo obviously reveals how much her appearance has changed over the years. Therefore, public then claimed that she looks as she is today due to her pre-surgery self, which is like saying her face looks unnatural and artificial now.

Paula White Facelift Before and After

Paula White Before and After Plastic Surgery

The facelift adds a beauty effect to her facial skin. This type of procedure has re-tightened her face, therefore it looks fresh and rejuvenated now. For women who are over 40, the sagging skin and aging lines are normally visible, unlike Paul, she could maintain her tight and rejuvenated skin and this is caused by those two combinations.

Besides the maintenance of Botox and facelift she receive, Paul White reportedly continued to have another surgical procedure, cheek implant. Paul has this noticeable procedure to create such plump and restore her youthfulness permanently. Her cheek implant done to make a flawless impression on her facial skin.

At least looking at her plastic surgery before and after photos, it is quite noticeable the dramatic difference between nowadays and past look. Public could notice clearly from numbers of photos she shared and published online. We all could state that her plastic surgery was undertaken successfully, though many people assumed that it is done inappropriately which result her to loose a natural beauty.

So, what do you think about her current appearance? Was it successful? Do you think she look young and attractive?

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