Ryan Reynolds Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Another Canadian actor who is indicated to have had plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures is Ryan Reynolds. The former husband of Scarlett Johansson indeed always looks good looking in every occasion met. In his mature age of 38 years old, Ryan appears greatly and this is more or less rumored to run a series of plastic surgeries.  Many people realized that he has undertaken some cosmetic surgery procedures to make his appearance better and appealing. Media revealed that this Blake Lively’s husband had chin implants, lip injections and Botox injection as well.

Ryan Reynolds Plastic Surgery: Bad or Good

Ryan Reynolds Plastic Surgery Before and After

Ryan Reynolds Plastic Surgery Before and After

If we see his current photos, we can see how chin implants have made a big change on his chin. This type of procedure will make one’s chin to be more refined. Media told that when he fell down and broke his chin he then opted to fix it back while adding a nice shape on his chin by giving chin implants.

Another speculation that people heard was Botox injection. This sort of procedure has been popular among celebrities who want to have a more refreshed and rejuvenated face. So that’s what Ryan did. He got Botox injections to make his look smoother and you youthful.  This type of Botox can be clearly identified around his forehead which looks smooth and no aging lines. The Botox could have got rid off his wrinkles and sagging skin around the forehead. If this rumor tells us truth, then the Botox is nicely done.

Ryan Reynolds Before and After Plastic Surgery

Ryan Reynolds Before and After Plastic Surgery

What media told public in one side could be true, though Ryan is tight lipped up for this situation especially for the Botox intervention. Many people fight against aging by undertaking a simple yet expensive way, that it is plastic surgery.  At his current age which is starting to look the age, normally the aging lines and wrinkles start appearing but that won’t be seen on Ryan’s face. Those series of plastic surgeries anyway have helped his popularity on peak. Perhaps it is also the reason why do many celebrities want to have this kind of surgery to not only get the popularity from what plastic surgery gives but being controversial and looking for sensation sometime is a must for them.

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