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Selena Gomez plastic surgery began spreading and became hot topic of discussion in several celebrity forums after some people saw her in New York City with a super sexy appearance. Not only wearing a tank-top that makes her appearance looked so sexy, her appearance also showed her different boobs. Selena breast size looked increasingly, so that it made some people think that she had breast augmentation surgery.

However, not long after the rumors of Selena Gomez plastic surgery began hot news in several celebrity magazines, a spokesman for Selena spoke that the former Disney star did not do any plastic surgery procedures.

“It was already a rumor that never dies down. He did not carry out any surgery,”

Selena Gomez Before And After Body

Accoording to Jonathan Shifren, a plastic surgery expert of WAVE Plastic Surgery Center, analyzed that woman who often broke-relathionship with Justin Bieber had just had boob job recently.

“It appears that Selena has had a breast augmentation. The breasts appear fuller and you can see the outline of the upper portion of the implant,”
“They tend to sit high on the chest wall in the immediate post-operative period. My imprint from the picture is that she had the operation fairly recently.”

“My guess would be that she had something in the 350-400 CC size range. The quality of the surgery is hard to asses being that the patient is clothed and it is too early to evaluate the final results,” Shifren told Radar.

“However, at this early point in her post-operative recovery, the implants are sitting high on the chest wall. We would expect that with time, they will drop into their proper position.”

Well, what has been revealed by a plastic surgeon, Jonathan Shifren, above has apparently made netizens believe that the speculations of Selena Gomez plastic surgery are indeed true not just a rumor.

Did Selena only have a breast implant? Judging by comparing between Selena Gomez’s before and after pictures above, public sees that she does not only look like having a boob job, but she could also have other surgical procedures done. What are they? Here are the procedures of cosmetic surgery which she might get.

Selena Gomez breast implantsSelena Gomez breast size now looks bigger and fuller than before.
Selena Gomez nose jobSelena Gomez's nose shape now appears thinner with more pointed tip.
Selena Gomez botox injectionSelena’s face looked bloated.
Selena Gomez lips filler injectionThe shape of Selena Gomez's lips turned fullers, sexy and juicy than she used to.

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Selena Gomez Measurements 2015

Body shapeHourglass
Dress size2
Breasts-Waist-Hips34-24-36 inches (86-61-91 cm)
Bra size32B
Cup sizeB
Height5’5″ (165 cm)
Weight110 lbs (50 kg)

Although netizens have believed that the rumors of Selena Gomez plastic surgery are facts, but many of them regret to why she did these plastic surgery procedures. They thought that her age was still young to get plastic surgery and everything can happen to her appearance in the future. On the other hand, without a plastic surgery, she has been a beautiful and sexy woman.

Nonetheless, Selena’s fans ensure that what she did for her appearance is her privacy rights. So, if she looked more beautiful and sexier, hence no one should talk more about the rumors.

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