Stana Katic Nose Job Before and After Photos

A Canadian- American actress Stana Katic recently has been a center of discussion in forum among fans due to her dramatic change. Her appearance that looks artificial is indicated as the result of plastic surgery. However, Stana is still tight-lipped up for this rumor, she does not really care what people out there speak regarding on her speculation on cosmetic surgery.

This gorgeous actress indeed is so popular since she frequently appears on T.V for certain talk shows and her new appearance which attracts many people especially media to always watch every single of her move.

How Well Does Stana Katic Nose Job Look?

Her decision to be perfect in every occasion and appearance are an obvious evident that she had knife jobs done. People can see her transformation especially on her nose job. Her nose which previously looks big and wider now totally changes.

Stana Katic Nose Job Before and After

Stana Katic Nose Job Before and After

People debate on the new shape of her nose shape which is more refined, straighter and a bit narrower and the tip of her nose looks bigger now. Many people claimed that the rumor of Stana Katic nose job is in fact true. She had a nicely rhinoplasty surgery so that her appearance can look more attractive with more defined nose. You can compare her current and previous photos where the difference is so clear.

This 36 years old actress seems to be happy and content for the result of her current change. In other side, Stana still gives no comment for this speculation which remains a mystery if she has undertaken plastic surgery or not. While many people are still questioning why did she have such nose job where, as a matter of fact, public thought that her old job looked great though? Did she have this plastic surgery for a trend merely, or she has just got bored with her big and wide nose? Only Stana Katic who knows the reason and public can only consume her news through media.  But sooner or later her speculation on plastic and cosmetic intervention will be revealed.

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