Taylor Swift Plastic Surgery | Taylor Swift Before and Now

There are disputes regarding the rumors of Taylor Swift plastic surgery. Some haters believed that the beautiful singer has obviously had some procedures of plastic surgery. But, not a few of Taylor’s fans argued that she is still natural without any surgical procedures done. Which one is true?

Taylor Swift Plastic Surgery Pros and Cons

Has Taylor Swift Had Plastic Surgery?

The question above seems to be a normal thing for people when they see an actress or singer looks different. And, one of the common ways to answer their curiosity is by comparing the before and after pictures. The same thing seems to be done by people to know whether Taylor Swift has really had a beauty surgery or not. They compare her old pictures (Taylor Swift before the fame) with the recent ones. Surprisingly, they found something different on her appearance.

Well, How is Taylor Swift before and after makeover? Let’s see the following pictures gallery. You can see pictures one by one by moving the arrow sign in this gallery.

After looking at some pictures’ comparison above, can you see the difference? If yes, do you believe if the changes are caused by plastic surgery procedures?

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According to the rumors which were based on the result of comparing between before and after pictures, people predicted that the procedures of Taylor Swift‘s plastic surgery were inlcuding:

Taylor Swift Plastic Surgery ProceduresPlastic Surgeons' Review
Nose JobTaylor Swift's nose now looks more projected, straighter and slimmer
Boob JobTaylor Swift breast size increased bigger and fuller now.

Plastic Surgeons’ Review About Taylor Swift Plastic Surgery

According to Dr. Anthony Youn, judging by the pictures of Taylor Swift before and now, she indeed looks a little bit different than she used to. The surgeon sees that her nose now appears more refine, straighter and slimmer than before.

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On the other hand, Dr. Youn also sees that there is additional size on her cup size. Her breast size now looks a little bit bigger than before. When the doctor was asked whether the difference on Taylor Swift’s appearance was as the result of plastic surgery, he believed that Taylor Swift’s transformation was made over by a plastic surgeon. Even he predicted that Taylor Swift boobs have increased from a small A to a striking C.

“The country star appears to be following in the footsteps of another female country singer, Dolly Parton, and enhanced her breasts,”

What has been revealed by Dr. Anthony Youn is apparently agreed by other plastic surgeons like Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Fleming and Dr. Adam Schaffner who is based in NYC. Both of the surgeon see that the 26 years old singer has pretty obviously had breast augmentation surgery. They also give a credit points to the surgeon who had treated her surgery because the result of boob job looks very nice and proportional.

What about you? What do you think of Taylor Swift before and now? Do you think it is all as the effect of makeup and push up bra, or did she really have plastic surgery procedures done?

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