Tiffany SNSD Plastic Surgery | Stephanie Hwang Plastic Surgery

South Korean girl group Girls’ Generation seems to never be devoid of slant gossip where the members are reported to have undergone plastic surgery. Still fresh in our minds about the rumors of Kim Taeyeon plastic surgery who is a member of SNSD as well.

But this time, rumors of plastic surgery are intended to Stephanie Young Hwang or commonly known as SNSD Tiffany. She has also reportedly been getting some plastic surgery procedures like Taeyeon. Are these rumors true? if it is true, what plastic surgery procedures which she took? A little note, these allegations are only based on the comparison between before and after pictures, so everything can be right or on the contrary.

Tiffany SNSD Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

According to the rumors in which the reviews were based on the result of pictures’ comparison, Stephanie Hwang plastic surgery was including nose job (Rhinoplasty) and double eyelid surgery (Asian blepharoplasty). For more detail reviews, you can see the table below!

Tiffany SNSD Plastic Surgery ProceduresThe Results
Tiffany SNSD Nose JobTiffany's nose now looks more projected and slimmer than before.
Tiffany SNSD Double Eyelid SurgeryTiffany's eyes also appear more beautiful since they turned into more wide-opened than she used to.

Both of Tiffany’s face features, nose and eyes, indeed look different. They now appear much more better than she used to. As what we can see in the pictures’ comparison above, her nose in the “before” picture looks wide with bulbous tip. But, in the “after” photos, she appears with thinner nose and more pointed tip. It is believed as the result of rhinoplasty.

On the other hand, if we look at Tiffany’s eyes, they also look like having enhanced. They now appear more beautiful since they turned into more wide-opened than she used to. Commonly, Asian or Korean women will have small eyes, but what we can see on Stephanie Hwang’s eyes now, they look unnatural. They appear wider and look like western woman’s eyes.

Did Stephanie Young Hwang admit all the allegations? Like her mate in SNSD Kim Taeyeon, she also has denied if she had been under knife to enhance her nose and eyes. She told that both of these face features are still natural without surgeon’s help. Can you believe it? You can decide by yourself whether the speculations of Tiffany SNSD plastic surgery are true or not by comparing the before and after pictures above!

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