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Tom Cruise plastic surgery lately steals many fans’ attention. They wonder whether the actor really got a plastic surgery or not because his appearance now looks a little bit different than he used to.

The rumors of Tom Cruise surgery began spreading when some people were surprised with his new appearance at the BAFTAs. A lot of people who saw his appearance directly guessed if the actor has had some plastic surgery procedures done. Did Tom Cruise have plastic surgery?

Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery – Fact or Rumor?

As what was reported by Daily Star Magazine, there were so many fans freaked when they saw the Hollywood legend Tom Cruise’s face. His face looked puffy and so smooth without any aging signs on his face skin. See the picture below!

Tom Cruise Face 2016

Tom Cruise Face 2016

Looking at Tom Cruise face symmetry, a lot of people believe that he could have some procedures of plastic surgery face done.

They predict that the procedures of Tom Cruise surgery included facelift, Botox injection. Viewers also see that his nose and teeth have changed as well. Does it mean he has been under knife for nose job and teeth cosmetic surgery as well? Let’s see the following reviews!

Tom Cruise Face Lift and Botox Injection

According to Dr. Anthony Youn, Tom Cruise face shows a clear sign of cosmetic surgery work. His face now appears puffy and look like a plastic. The surgeon predicted that he possibly had a facelift combined with too much Botox injection. The sign of these two surgical procedures can be seen from the shape of his face which looks bit swelling.

Tom Cruise Face Lift Before and After

Tom Cruise Face Lift and Botox

Even many fans see that Tom Cruise face now looks scary. As what we can see in the screenshot below!

Tom Reed Twitter

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Tom Reed Twitter CommentsTom Cruise Plastic Surgery Comment

From the comments above, it is very clear that there are a lot fans wonder what happened to his face. If his scary face was really as the effect of too much filler injection, they regretted why he could do such foolish effort.

However, Tom was not the only celeb who was reported having bad botox, there were so many Hollywood stars look weird after being under knife. See our previous post “24 Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery“.

Well, whether the rumors of Tom Cruise facelift and Botox injection were true or not, these rumors still remain unconfirmed until now.

Tom Cruise Nose Job

Before being reported having undergone facelift and Botox, the star had been reported getting a nose job. This speculation was based on the new shape of Tom Cruise nose. A lot of people see that his nose nose now appears thinner and much better defined than several years ago especially at early career. See the picture below!

Tom Cruise Nose Job Before and After

Tom Cruise Nose Job Before and After

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From the picture above, it was believed that a rhinoplasty or nose job had made significant change on Tom Cruise nose. His nasal bridge seemed to be narrowed while the tip was enhanced as well in order to give beautiful shape.

Tom Cruise Teeth Surgery

Some people who follow his career may see that Tom Cruise teeth now look neater and more beautiful than he was at early career.

Tom Cruise Teeth Before and AfterTom Cruise Teeth Before and After

Tom Cruise Teeth Before After

Based on the review published at, Tom Cruise teeth seemed to be enhanced through cosmetic dentistry. The procedure included whitening and straightening the teeth.

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Like other surgical procedures speculation, the rumors of Tom Cruise teeth surgery also still remain unconfirmed.

Conclusion, regardless of whether Tom Cruise cosmetic surgery is a fact or not, his appearance now looks a little bit weird even though his face skin still looks smooth and tight.

What do you think of Tom Cruise face transformation? Do you believe he has had a facelift surgery and Botox injection? Feel free to share this post if you find something interesting in it!

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