Yoona SNSD Plastic Surgery | Im Yoona Height and Weight

Girls’ Generation or it is also best known as SNSD recently becomes one of the most popular girl band in Asia especially in Korea. The members of this South Korean girl group do not only have gold voice, but also have beautiful and attractive look.

One of SNSD members who steals many people attention is Im Yoona. Besides having good voice, she also looks beautiful and perfect body shape; height  5′ 6″ and weight 48.5 kg. However, not a few of people consider that her appearance is not natural, it looks like as the result of plastic surgery. Their allegations are based on the comparison between before and after photos. They see that there are some changes in her appearance which tend to refer to the result of cosmetic surgery.

Is The Rumor of Yoona SNSD Plastic Surgery a Fact?

Before discussing further about the speculations of Yoona SNSD Plastic Surgery, you might wonder how she looks before and after. Let’s take a look at the comparison before and after pictures below!

From the pictures above, can you see the difference? Did she really look like having some procedures of cosmetic surgery done? If she really did, what procedures of plastic surgery she had?

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According to some reports, the procedures of Im Yoona Girl Generation plastic surgery include nose job, eyelid surgery and chin implants. For more detail reviews, you can see the table below!

The Procedures of Yoona SNSD Plastic Surgery

Nose JobThe shape of Yoona's nose now looks narrower with more pointed tip than before.
Eyelid SurgeryHer bottom eyelids look a little bit different than she used to. They now appear wider and bigger.
Jawline SurgeryYoona's jawline now looks a bit smaller than before. Her chin also appears more pointed.

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Yoona SNSD Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

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