Jillian Barberie Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Jillian Barberie, who is best known as the weatherperson on Fox NFL Sunday, recently becomes hot topic of discussion among the fans. The wife of Jillian Reynolds reportedly had a plastic surgery after her friend’s Cocker Spaniel attacked her face. One source even reported that her face was almost ruined and unrecognizable after getting her own pets.

Jillian Barberie Plastic Surgery

Before Cocker Spaniel attacked her face, Jillian Barberie is one of  television hostess with the most beautiful face. However, now she has to live with a scar above her lip. It might be the reason why she took a plastic surgery.

How severe the dog bites is? Until she had to undergo facial reconstruction surgery. And, how well does she look after getting some procedures of cosmetic surgery done? Let’s see!

Jillian Barberie Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Before discussing further about the procedures of Jillian Barberie plastic surgery, let’s see first how she looks after being attacked by Cocker Spaniel!

Jillian Barberie Before Plastic Surgery

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Quoted from Jillian Barberie’s official twitter account, she seemed to regret to what she has just experienced.

“Oh my beau[t]iful face! It has been ruined!! LOL (kidding),” she joked, noting that the animal wasn’t being aggressive when he snapped at her. “My tender, beautiful, luscious, ripped open lip. Awwwww Xo,”

Looking at the scars on her lips, can you guess what kind of surgical procedures she had?

According to some reports which were based on her statement in her twitter timeline, she reportedly had a lips surgery to refine the ruined lips. However, some people predicted that she did not only have lips surgery, but she might get other procedure of plastic surgery. Their allegation is based on some pictures which show the different cup size. Does it mean she had a boob job or breast augmentation surgery as well? See the pictures below!

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Jillian Barberie Plastic Surgery Boob Job

Jillian Barberie Plastic Surgery Boob Job

The truth of Jillian Barberie boob job is still debated. But, if we look closely her boobs, they indeed look different. She now appears with a little bigger cup size than in the “before” picture.

What do you think of Jillian Barberie plastic surgery? Did she only have lips surgery? Or she really got a boob job done as well? Feel free to share your comments!

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